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Company Profile 


Yeasen Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai International Medical Zone. Focused on developing and producing enzymes and antibodies, YEASEN is committed to providing high-quality products and services at reasonable prices for academia and industry customers from various fields of life sciences.

YEASEN is currently empowered by four major technical platforms: Molecular, Protein, Cell, and Immunity. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes more than 3000 types of enzymes, reagents, magnetic beads, and kits for PCR, qPCR, DNA amplification with high fidelity, reverse transcription, molecular cloning, NGS library preparation with DNA or RNA template, cell culture, mycoplasma detection/prevention/removal, IVD, etc. We have provided high-quality products and services for over 30,000 industry and academia customers from IVD companies, sequencing service providers, CRO companies, academic institutions, hospital laboratories, etc.

With integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and dedication being our values and believes, YEASEN will be continually providing reliable products and services to contribute to the advancement of life sciences.

Our Mission
Contribute to the advancement of life sciences

Be the best enzyme company

Our Vision
Focus on the industrialization of molecular biology enzymes

Promote the development of the health industry

Benefit people worldwide

Our Values
Customer Commitment

We always put our customer’s needs and satisfaction first

Integrity and Accountability
We are honest, trustworthy, down to earth, and dedicated to our responsibilities
Collaboration and Teamwork

We achieve greatness through teamwork. As a team, we share our responsibilities and resources
Creativity and Dedication

We strive to be innovative to provide products that meet the needs of our customers