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OEM and Customized Manufacturing: The Most Cost-Effective Solution Tailored to Your Needs 

Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Customized Manufacturing services provide customized enzymes, antibodies, and reagents for customers from biotech and pharmaceutical companies, IVD institutions, sequencing service providers, etc. Our products’ industry-leading qualities and performances are assured by our advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, and stringent quality controls. Yeasen has been focusing on enzyme modification ever since its establishment and has gained extensive experience in site-directed mutagenesis empowered by its protein structure simulation system and its high-throughput phenotype screening system. Our cutting-edge technologies and techniques increased our development and manufacturing efficiencies by 10-1000 folds compared to traditional approaches, enabling our industrialization of 40+ types of enzymes and 1000+ types of reagents. Our GMP grade manufacturing factories based in Shanghai and Wuhan, with a total size of about 6000 square meters, are equipped with 100L-grade fermenter units, automated production lines, and 10,000-grade clean rooms. We apply the most strict quality control standards to every aspect of our production processes, making sure that the products we provide to our customers are of high quality and stability.

Our Featured OEM and Custom Products

Superior Services

• Dedicated project managers providing rapid and highly-efficient responses to customer’s requirements

• Customized designs adjusted to our standardized workflows,  enabling effective management of the project’s progress

• Short turn around time, sample products could be available within four weeks

• Stringent quality control, ensuring stability between batches

• Strategic cost management, providing the most cost-effective solutions for your requirements

• Confidentiality guaranteed, providing a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality upon request

Custom manufacturing workflow