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Meet US in Nature Methods | Yeasen Hieff NGS® OnePot II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina® Appears in Top Scientific Journals


The genetic relationship of all cells of an individual organism can be described by a cell lineage tree. Cell lineage is of great significance for understanding the physiological and pathological processes of cell phylogeny, cell differentiation, organ maintenance and aging of multicellular organisms. At present, DNA barcode technology is mainly used to record mutations generated during cell division to restore cell lineage. However, available DNA barcode technology records that each barcode only carries 3-5 mutations, which limits scientists' research on cell phylogeny of complex multicellular organisms.


The team of He Xionglei of Sun Yat-sen University has long been committed to the optimization and innovation of DNA barcode technology. On December 2, 2021, Professor He’s team published an article "Mapping single-cell-resolution cell phylogeny reveals cell population dynamics during organ development" in Nature Methods (IF=28), introducing a cell lineage tracing system based on single-base mutations - SMALT (substitution mutation aided lineage tracing system). They applied the SMALT to construct transgenic Drosophila melanogaster strains, and surprisingly obtained on average more than 20 mutations in the barcodes, which is the first to achieve more reliable results of cell lineage relationships during cell phylogeny of complex multicellular organisms at the single-cell level.

Click here to read the original article: Mapping single-cell-resolution cell phylogeny reveals cell population dynamics during organ development | Nature Methods

In addition, researchers have developed an analytical method - ICPD, which uses the cell lineage tree to restore the number of progenitor cell populations with division activity. The population history characteristics of the organ phylogeny are inferred from the cell lineage tree. The results show that different organs have unique population history characteristics, and this feature has a high degree of consistency among different individuals. Further more, it is found that the total number of cells produced by division in each organ is significantly related to the actual number of cells in the organ, and its explained variance reached 74.5%, which indicates that the division activity of the cell population has an important effect on the stability of organ size.

The divergence time of the organs of Drosophila larvae
The number of dividing cells is consistent with the number of actual organ cells

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It is worth mentioning that this high-level article uses the Hieff NGS® OnePot II DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina® - "one-step" DNA library construction kit provided by YEASEN Biotechnology to construct the Drosophila melanogaster DNA library. This kit uses high-quality fragmentation enzymes to combine the fragmentation module and the end repair module, which greatly reduces the time and cost of DNA library construction. To be specific, it can be used for samples of 500 pg-1 μg animal and plant genomes, microbial genomes, etc. Meanwhile, it is compatible with the library construction of FFPE DNA samples. After sequencing verification, samples with different GC content can obtain excellent sequencing results, making library construction easier and more efficient.

At present, YEASEN Biotechnology can provide our customers with a sound nucleic acid extraction and one-stop library preparation solutions in MGI and Illumina sequencing platforms, and every batch of the related products go through strict quality control of efficacy and stability to ensure the excellent performance of products, strongly guaranteeing researchers to carry out high-quality scientific research.

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