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Yeasen Biotech Co.Ltd., founded in 2014, is committed to providing high-quality and reasonable-cost enzymes for molecular biology research and applications including in vitro diagnostics and high-throughput sequencing.

We are equipped with advanced core technologies, including the innovative enzyme modification technology, the large scale protein fermentation and purification technology, and the highly efficient antibody screening technology, etc. Our 1500 square meters laboratory space and 10,000 grade clean rooms enables the constant production of high-quality products.

We have provided high-quality products and services for over 30,000 industry and academia customers around the world, from pharmaceutical companies, sequencing serve providers, academic institutions, hospital laboratories, etc. Using our products and services, our customers have published over 4,000 research papers in international journals.

Yeasen provides you with general holidays, good salaries, basic insurance and various training programs.

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National Sales Manager - Russia


National Sales Manager - USA