Protein A/G MagBeads(IP Grade) 



Protein A/G MagBeads use "nano-surface biotechnology" (S-TEC) to target Protein A/G onto the surface of superparamagnetic polymer microspheres with high density. It has higher antibody binding ability and very low non-specific adsorption rate of protein. One-step purification can isolate the antibody with purity >90% from the serum sample, which is simple and effective to use. Natural Protein A is a cell wall surface protein found in Staphylococcus aureus. Natural Protein G is a cell surface protein isolated from the genus G or C Streptococcus.  Both have similar functions and bind most mammalian IgG by interacting primarily with the Fc region of immunoglobulin (Ig), but differ in their binding specificity. Protein A/G MagBeads covalently conjugate both protein A and protein G, providing A wider binding range and higher utility than either protein A or protein G alone. At the same time, this product uses genetically modified proteins A and G, which not only maintain their Ig affinity properties, but also remove the non-major binding domain of the natural protein itself to reduce non-specific binding. This product has a wide range of application, can be used in cell lysis fluid, cell secretory fluid supernatant, serum, animal ascites and other immune antigen samples.


  • Low background—little to no nonspecific binding, and no preclearing 
  • Highly reproducible—uniform beads ensure the most consistent results 
  • Highly sensitive—Magbeads technology is the most cited method for sensitive applications, such as ChIP and IP,  of low abundance proteins 
  • Fast and easy— no centrifugation or preclearing steps 
  • Versatile—products for IP, Co-IP, pull-down, and ChIP assays.


  • Immunoprecipitation (IP)
  • Purification of antibody


Ligand rProtein A/G
Binding Capacity ≥50 μg hIgG /mg
Particle size 1 μm
Concentration 10 mg/mL
Storage Buffer PBS, 0.01% Tween-20, 0.02% NaN3


Components No. Name 36417ES03 36417ES08
36417 rProtein A/G MagBeads (IP Grade) 1 mL 5 mL


The products should be stably stored at 2~8℃ for 2 year.


Figure 1. The SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis results of Rabbit serum purification by Protein A/G MagBeads (IP Grade).

L: sample
L: eluate

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