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The circular RNA research tool -RNAse R

—— Accelerating circular RNA drug development

In recent years, the mRNA vaccine/drug has gradually entered the public's vision. The mRNA vaccine/drugs have the advantages of fast design, low cost and easy production, but because the mRNA itself is easy to degrade, it is currently mainly improved the stability of the mRNA preparation by adding a hat and tail, and assisted mRNA translation. In recent years, researchers have found a new type of RNA - Circular RNA (Circular RNA, circRNA). Such RNAs are a covalent -closed ring structure, which is not easy to be degraded. Compared with mRNA, circRNA is more stable and can achieve non-hat dependent translation. Therefore, the discovery of CIRCRNA provides possibilities for the development of a new generation of RNA vaccines and drugs with simpler, better stability.













Figure 1: The process of RNA vaccine 1

The production process of the CIRCRNA includes: template preparation, in vitro transcription, DNA template removal, circular and purification. After RNA is circularized, it is necessary to use ribonuclease R (Ribonuclease R, RNASE R) to digest the unmanned RNA to achieve the purpose of enriching CirCRNA. Yeasen has molecular enzymatic engineering and rational evolution platform. It ensures the quality of the product at the same time. Yeasen R & D team successfully developed a RNASE R Enzymes with high purity and high activity. 

RNASE R (CAT#14606ES) is a Mg2+dependence 3 '→ 5' ribonucleic acid exonuclease that is derived from E. coli. It can digest all linear RNAs and does not digest CirCRNA, lariat RNA. It is often used to remove linear RNA molecules and realize the purpose of enriching non -linear RNA such as CirCRNA and lariat RNA.


Protein purity (SDS-PAGE) ≥95% 

Figure 2: Protein purity detection: Different volumes (1 μL, 2 μL, 3 μL) of the product (Cat#14606ES) show high purity ≥95%.

No residual exonuclease


Figure 3: 20 U of RNASE R was added to 0.5 μg of λDNA-Hind III Digest, incubating at 37 ℃ for 4 hours. The result shows that no residual exonuclease was detected from the RNASE R (CAT#14606ES) products.

Ability of digestion linear RNA and CircRNA

Figure 4: RNASE R (CAT#14606ES) can digest linear RNA molecules

Figure 5: CircRNA can tolerate the treatment of RNASE R (CAT#14606ES).





RNAse R (20U/μL)



T7 RNA Polymerase GMP-grade (250U/μL)




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