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Yeasen Biotechnology GMP Grade mRNA In Vitro Synthesis Raw Materials


With the rapid development of biotechnology, mRNA vaccines prepared by in vitro RNA synthesis technology have had a huge impact on the prevention of COVID-19 infectious diseases. Many companies, such as Moderna in the United States, CureVac in Germany, and BioNTech in Germany, have developed therapeutic mRNA vaccines and drugs for other diseases such as tumors, infectious diseases, and chronic diseases.

The research and preparation of mRNA vaccines requires a variety of raw materials to ensure the successful development of vaccines. As an innovative leader in the domestic molecular enzyme industry, Yeasen Bio has successfully developed various molecular enzymes through the advanced molecular enzyme two-way technology platform and large-scale protein fermentation and purification technology platform. Products of enzyme-related raw materials. In order to ensure product quality and production capacity, Yeasen Bio has built a GMP-level base in Wuhan to fully meet customers' industrial production needs, with an annual production capacity of more than 5 billion servings.

Raw materials for mRNA vaccine preparation provided by Yeasen



Why Choose Yeasen Biotechnology GMP Grade Products?

At present, Yeasen Biotechnology can provide a complete set of products in the production process of mRNA stock solution. The products are strictly controlled by GMP production and fully meet the requirements of mRNA vaccine production.

Quality Control Normal level GMP level
animal origin might have None, a declaration of no animal origin is provided
Cell bank characterization Simple Strict, in line with GMP standards
Raw material and finished product traceability Simple Strict, in line with GMP standards
Endotoxin Control none strict control
sterile none strict control
Production and inspection lot records Simple can provide
Process Validation Report none can provide
change process Simple Strict, in line with GMP standards
quality system self built ISO13485
DMF filing none Yes (reporting)

In addition, Yeasen Biotechnology can also provide supporting services such as capping rate detection and system optimization, which have been recognized by the majority of users. For such services, please contact us (Email: overseas@yeasen.com).

Cap rate detection results (LC-MS detection)

Ordering Information

Product name SKU Specifications
T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit 10623ES 50/100/500 T
T7 RNA Polymerase GMP-grade (50 U/μL) 10624ES 5000/50000 U
T7 RNA Polymerase GMP-grade(250 U/μL) 10625ES 10/100 KU
10×Transcription Buffer GMP-grade 10627ES 1/10 mL
Pyrophosphatase,Inorganic GMP-grade 10620ES 10/100/1000 U
Murine RNase inhibitor GMP-grade 10621ES 10/20/100 KU
BspQI GMP-grade 10664ES 500/2500 U
DNase I GMP-grade 10611ES 500/2000/10000 U
mRNA Vaccinia Capping Enzyme GMP-grade 10614ES 2000/10000/100000 U
mRNA Cap 2'-O-Methyltransferase GMP-grade 10612ES 2000/10000/50000 U
10×Capping buffer GMP-grade 10666ES 1/10 mL
S-adenosylmethionine (SAM)(32 mM) 10619ES 0.5/25/500 mL
Pseudouridine-5-triphosphate,trisodium salt solution (100 mM) 10650ES 20 μL/100 μL/1 mL
N1-Me-Pseudo UTP sodium solution(100 mM) 10651ES 20 μL/100 μL/1 mL
ATP Solution(100 mM) 10129ES 1/25/500 mL
CTP Solution(100 mM) 10130ES 1/25/500 mL
UTP Solution(100 mM) 10131ES 1/25/500 mL
GTP Solution(100 mM) 10132ES 1/25/500 mL
NTP Set Solution (ATP, CTP, UTP, GTP, 100 mM each) 10133ES 1 Set (4 vial)
RNA Cleaner 12602ES 1/5/60/450 mL
mRNA Isolation Master Kit 12603ES 24/96 T
RNase H 12906ES 100/500/5000 U

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