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Yeasen GMP Grade Enzymes and Nucleotides for mRNA In Vitro Synthesis

The successful development of mRNA vaccines and drugs necessitates a diverse range of raw materials. As a leading innovator in the molecular enzyme industry, Yeasen has achieved success in producing various molecular enzymes through its advanced molecular enzyme directed evolution platform and state-of-the-art protein fermentation and purification technology platform.

In order to guarantee both product quality and production capacity, Yeasen has established a GMP-level production facility, catering to the complete industrial production requirements of its customers. With an annual production capacity exceeding 5 billion dosages, Yeasen is committed to meeting the demands of the market.

Moreover, Yeasen stands out as the pioneer in China to obtain the ISO 13485 certificate for the research, development, manufacture, and distribution of molecular enzymes. This certification ensures the quality, consistency, and traceability of all reagents, reinforcing Yeasen's dedication to maintaining the highest standards in the industry.


1. Advantage of GMP
2. Yeasen can provide GMP-grade Products
3. Yeasen Acquired DMF Numbers for Many Products
4. Application scenarios of Yeasen products
5. Raw materials for mRNA vaccine preparation provided by Yeasen
6. Ordering Information


1. Advantage of GMP

"GMP-grade" is a branding term that Yeasen uses to describe reagents manufactured at ISO 13485 certified facilities. Yeasen’s GMP-grade reagents are produced in compliance with ISO 13485 quality management system standards and with more stringent process controls and complete documentation records. Yeasen can not only offer high-quality reagents but also provide documents, site audits, and other support to our customers.

Table 1. Advantage of GMP

Quality Controls Research level GMP-grade
Animal free Animal-derived material may be used Animal-free certificates can be provided if required
Cell bank characterization Less stringent Stringent (compliant with GMP regulations)
Traceability information for raw materials and finished product Less stringent Stringent (compliant with GMP regulations)
Endotoxin level control / Stringent
Sterile control / Stringent
Batch records for manufacturing and testing Less stringent Stringent (Batch records can beh provided if required)
Process validation report / The report can be provided if required
Change control system Self-assessment Stringent (compliant with GMP regulations)
Quality management system Self-assessment ISO 13485 certification
DMF number / Yes (reporting)


2. Yeasen can provide GMP-grade Products

Based on wide experience and technical advantages in enzyme development and industrial production, Yeasen constructed a new facility, named "mRNAtools", to supply raw materials for mRNA-based drugs. Covering 50000 square feet, the mRNAtools facility is built and operated by GMP regulations and is equipped with 2×1500L automatic fermentation equipment, industrial-scale purification, and lyophilization equipment. To provide more strict reagents and also satisfy the production and registration requirements of customers. The molecular enzyme production base specially built for GMP-grade products ensures the quality of products from both hardware and software. 70 professional production team, team members have many years of GMP production experience. The warehousing and logistics are modularized. While ensuring the safety of product storage and transportation multi-center distribution across the country ensures the supply cycle.


3. Yeasen Acquired DMF Numbers for Core Products

Drug master files (DMFs) are documents submitted voluntarily to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that contain confidential, detailed information about facilities, processes, or articles used in the manufacturing, processing, packaging, and storing of human drug products. 
The FDA reviews the technical contents of a DMF when an API manufacturer incorporates it as a reference to support it's Investigational New Drug Application (IND), New Drug Application (NDA), Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA), and Export Application. DMFs have significant roles in the application. The FDA approval process is significantly shortened when using raw materials from manufacturers that have filed DMFs for these specific materials. 
Yeasen has got the DMF files that can speed up the project schedule. You may request that we provide reference authorization to our DMFs in support of your application with the FDA. To initiate the reference authorization of our DMFs, please submit a Letter of Authorization request to Yeasen requesting that we provide a DMF Letter of Authorization to the respective FDA Center. 


4. Application scenarios of Yeasen products

4.1 Template Generation

Plasmid linearization is an indispensable step during template generation when plasmid vectors are used as transcription templates. As transcription proceeds to the end of DNA templates, plasmid linearization ensures that RNA transcripts of a defined length and sequence are generated. Yeasen provides various restriction enzymes to meet your needs. We recommend selecting restriction enzymes that generate blunt ends or 5´-overhangs. 

4.2 How to reduce dsRNA in Vitro Transcription ( IVT )?

In vitro transcription is affected by various factors. Enzymes, buffers, and modified substrates all have a great impact on transcription efficiency.

Based on the ZymeEditor platform, YEASEN Biotech has evolved novel T7 RNA polymerases which significantly reduce the generation of dsRNA during the in vitro transcription (IVT) process. It greatly lowers the immunogenicity of mRNA and, to a certain extent, enhances the integrity of mRNA. This development is expected to play a crucial role in advancing the development of mRNA vaccines and cancer drugs.


By optimizing the buffer and adjusting the salt type of the nucleotide substrate, we greatly improved the efficiency of transcription and reduced the production of dsRNA.



4.3 mRNA Capping

As a 5´ cap structure reduces immunogenicity and is required for efficient translation of mRNAs, adding cap structures to the 5′ ends of mRNA generated by transcription is necessary. 

Figure 1. Cap rate detection results (LC-MS detection)

4.4 mRNA Purification

Purification is an indispensable step to achieving high-purity mRNAs.


5. Products for mRNA synthesis verified by Yeasen

At present, Yeasen can provide a complete set of products in the production process of mRNA stock solution. The products are strictly controlled by GMP production and fully meet the requirements of mRNA vaccine production.

Table 2. Raw materials for mRNA vaccine preparation provided by Yeasen

Template preparation In vitro transcription Capping Purification
Hieff Canace™ Plus High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (Inquiry) 10153ES T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit 10623ES mRNA Vaccinia Capping Enzyme GMP-grade 10614ES Hieff NGS™ mRNA Isolation Master Kit 12603ES
dNTP Set Solution 10122ES

T7 RNA Polymerase  

T7 RNA Polymerase (low ds RNA, 250 U/μL) 



mRNA Cap
10612ES Hieff NGS™ RNA Cleaner 12602ES
Hieff Clone™ Plus One Step Cloning Kit (Inquiry) 10911ES Pyrophosphatase,Inorganic GMP-grade 10620ES S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) GMP-grade 10619ES

metal magnetic stand (Inquiry)

Gold T4 DNA Ligase 10300ES Murine RNase inhibitor GMP-grade 10621ES Alkaline Phosphatase Inquiry    
Bsa I, BspQI GMP-grade, Xba I 10661ES
DNase I 10611ES CAP Analog Inquiry    
RNAse R (20U/uL) 14606ES NTP Set Solution 10133ES        
MolPure™ Endo-free Plasmid Maxi Kit (Inquiry) 19036ES Pseudo UTP sodium solution GMP-grade (100 mM) 10650ES        
    N1-Me-Pseudo UTP sodium solution GMP-grade (100 mM) 10651ES        


6. Ordering Information

The following are representative products offered by Yeasen. Additional sizes are available. Our products are highly optimized to work in concert, to help ensure superior performance and reproducibility. We can also provide customized services. If you’re interested in a product that isn’t shown, contact us and we’ll work with you to meet your needs.

Table 3. Ordering Information

Product name SKU Specifications
T7 RNA Polymerase (low ds RNA, 250 U/μL)  10628ES 10/100 KU
T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit 10623ES 50/100/500 T
T7 RNA Polymerase GMP-grade (50 U/μL) (Supported by DMF filing) 10624ES 5000/50000 U
T7 RNA Polymerase GMP-grade(250 U/μL) (Supported by DMF filing) 10625ES 10/100 KU
10×Transcription Buffer 2 GMP-grade 10670ES 1/10 mL
Pyrophosphatase,Inorganic GMP-grade (Supported by DMF filing) 10620ES 10/100/1000 U
Murine RNase inhibitor GMP-grade (Supported by DMF filing) 10621ES 10/20/100 KU
BspQI GMP-grade (Supported by DMF filing) 10664ES 500/2500 U
DNase I GMP-grade (Supported by DMF filing) 10611ES 500/2000/10000 U
mRNA Vaccinia Capping Enzyme GMP-grade (Supported by DMF filing) 10614ES 2000/10000/100000 U
mRNA Cap 2'-O-Methyltransferase GMP-grade (Supported by DMF filing) 10612ES 2000/10000/50000 U
10×Capping buffer GMP-grade 10666ES 1/10 mL
S-adenosylmethionine (SAM)(32 mM) 10619ES 0.5/25/500 mL
Pseudouridine-5-triphosphate,trisodium salt solution (100 mM) 10650ES 20 μL/100 μL/1 mL
N1-Me-Pseudo UTP sodium solution(100 mM) 10651ES 20 μL/100 μL/1 mL
ATP Solution(100 mM) 10129ES 1/25/500 mL
CTP Solution(100 mM) 10130ES 1/25/500 mL
UTP Solution(100 mM) 10131ES 1/25/500 mL
GTP Solution(100 mM) 10132ES 1/25/500 mL
NTP Set Solution (ATP, CTP, UTP, GTP, 100 mM each) 10133ES 1 Set (4 vial)
RNA Cleaner 12602ES 1/5/60/450 mL
ATP Tris Solution GMP-grade ( 100 mM) 10652ES 1/5/25/500 ml
CTP Tris Solution GMP-grade ( 100 mM) 10653ES 1/5/25/500 ml
GTP Tris Solution GMP-grade ( 100 mM) 10655ES 1/5/25/500 ml
Pseudo UTP Tris Solution GMP-grade ( 100 mM) 10656ES 1/5/25/500 ml
N1-Me-Pseudo UTP Tris Solution GMP-grade ( 100 mM) 10657ES 1/5/25/500 ml


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