Precast Protein Plus Gel, 4-12%, 10 wells, Hepes-Tris



  • Precast Protein Plus Gel series adopt HEPES-Tris buffer system, which has the advantages of excellent separation effect, and greatly shorten the electrophoresis time. Precast Protein Gel plate is made of plastic, and the special perfusion technology can ensure the stability and consistency of strip distribution between batches of Precast Protein Gel, and the electrophoresis effect is stable.
  • The height of the stacking gel is 1.5 cm, the gradient concentration is 4-12% and 4-20%, and the fixed concentration is 8%, 10%, 12% and 15%. The number of sample loading wells of each concentration gel is 10 and 15, respectively. The maximum sample loading is 70 μL for 10 wells, and 40 μL for 15 wells.
  • This series of gels do not contain SDS and can be used for both natural and denatured protein electrophoresis. When used for natural protein electrophoresis, only the protein with isoelectric point less than 7 can be separated. The electrophoresis solution must be matched with the electrophoresis solution. 


  • Easy to use: ready to use; Tear off the adhesive tape from the bottom of the plastic board
  • Wide range of application: compatible with denatured protein and natural protein
  • Clear band: the special treatment of plastic plate greatly reduces protein adsorption
  • Time saving: the experiment can be completed in 18 minutes at the fastest
  • Quality assurance: strict inter-batch stability assurance
  • Long shelf life: can be stored at 0℃ ~ 8℃ for one year


  • Natural and denatured protein electrophoresis


Concentration 4-12%, gradient
Calculation Separation range 25-200 kDa
Appearance Transparent
Volume Maximum Loading Volume: 70 µl


Components No. Name 36249ES10
36249 Precast Protein Plus Gel, 4-12%, 10 wells, Hepes-Tris 10 gels/box

Shipping and Storage

The product is shipped with ice pack and can be stored at 2℃ ~ 8℃ for one year away from light.


Figure 1.The SDS-PAGE electrophoretogram of precast protein plus gel

1: Rat liver tissue(100 μg); 2: Rat liver tissue(50 μg); 3: Rat liver tissue(20 μg); 4: Rat liver tissue(10 μg); 5,6: Marker; 7: BSA;8,9,10: E.coli lysates

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