Hieff NGS™ Ultima Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina V2



Hieff NGS™ Ultima Pro DNA Library Prep Kit is a next generation library construction kit specially developed for the Illumina and MGI high-throughput sequencing platform, and exhibits higher efficiency in end repair, dA-tailing, and adapter ligation than the previous versions. The high-fidelity enzyme significantly improves the uniformity and fidelity of amplification. The kit is compatible with most DNA sample types, including standard genomic DNA from animals/plants/microorganisms, FFPE samples, cfDNA, and ChIP DNA. Compatible with 100 pg - 1000 ng input DNA samples of most types, including cfDNA and FFPE samples.


  • Compatible with multiple types of DNA samples:animal and plant gDNA, microbial gDNA, FFPE DNA, cfDNA, ChIPDNA, etc., support the construction of PCR free library
  • With an industry-leading library conversion rate of more than 70%
  • Proven to provide high-quality libraries and sequencing data.
  • Strict batch stability


  • Preparation of DNA library for illumina and MGI platform
  • Suitable for sequencing in tumor, reproductive genetics, genetic disease detection and other fields


Product Type Library Preparation Kit
Libraries Fragment Library
Fragmentation method Ultrasonic
Input amount 100 pg - 1000 ng
For Use With (Equipment) Illumina and MGI Platforms
Sample Type gDNA
Sequencing Type Genome & DNA Sequencing
Product Line DNA library constrction
For Use With (Application) NGS DNA library preparation
Quantity 8 /24/96 Reactions


Components No. Name 12197ES08 (8T) 12197ES24 (24T) 12197ES96 (96T)
12197-A Endprep Buffer 2.0 48 μL 144 μL 576 mL
12197-B Endprep Enzyme 2.0 32 μL 96 μL 384 μL
12197-C Ligation Enhancer 2.0 240 μL 720 μL 3×960 μL
12197-D Rapid T4 DNA Ligase 2.0 40 μL 120 μL 480 μL
12197-E Canace Pro Amplification Mix 2.0 200 μL 600 μL 3×800 μL

Shipping and Storage

-25℃ ~ -15℃ storage, valid for one year.


  • Comparison of library yield of gDNA samples with different inputs

Figure 1.Comparison of the yield of 12197 and 12201 libraries with different input amounts

Sample: Ultrasound interrupts calf gDNA
Sample Input:5/50/100/500/1000 ng
Number of PCR cycles:12/8/6/4/3 cycles
Method: Use different library preparation kits to preparation library, then compare the library yields.
Results: Compared with 12201 kit, the yield of 12197 kit is significantly higher, especially the yield of 1ug high-input library.


  • Tumor ctDNA standards were compared with 12197 for hybridization capture libraries

Figure 2. Comparison of the yield concentration of ctDNA 1% standard library

Sample: The mutation frequency was 1% ctDNA standard
Sample Input:5ng
Number of PCR cycles: 10 cycles
Method: The prepared library was captured with Cancer SLC Panel, and the library was sequenced.the library yield, sequencing data quality and gene mutation detection were compared.
Results: Compared with the competitive kit, the results of hybridization capture of tumor ctDNA 1% standard showed that the library yield concentration of 12197 was higher than that of V*


  • Sequencing data quality and mutation detection display

Figure 3. Quality control data

Results: Compared with the sequencing data of competing products, 12197 had less fragment self-connection, lower Dup, higher Mean Depth, higher capture efficiency


  • Comparison of mutation detection frequency

Figure 4. Mutation site detection table

Results: Compared with the competing kit, 12197 could stably detect all sites in the 1% standard sample of tumor ctDNA. The EGFR V769_D770insASV site was not detected in the competing V* kit.

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